ACLU Supporting a Gun Lawsuit?

Really? I’d have to find out whether it’s the national ACLU or the state chapter.  Some of the state chapters are not hostile toward gun rights.  If it’s the national ACLU, perhaps they are coming around.

UPDATE: Not a gun lawsuit, but search and seizure.

2 thoughts on “ACLU Supporting a Gun Lawsuit?”

  1. DA says he decides on a “case by case” basis whether to return guns. If that’s not unfettered discretion by a government official not constrained by any law or standard I don’t know what is. I bet it’s “black = no gun back, not black = here you go sir.” Then again, it is Louisiana/New Orleans… the place may as well be a Third World banana republic. Actually… that would be insulting to most Third World banana republics nowadays. Jindall may be a great thing for the state, but old habits die hard.

  2. ACLU attack appears to be from that pesky little Bill of Rights, but not the right mentioned in the second, but rather the fifth.

    Looks to be a question to the Court of either a due process right or the compensation right as enumerated in the fifth amendment.

    Please let someone show a trail to the lawsuit as filed with the Court and we shall have a true answer to your question “REALLY”.

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