NRA Gearing Up to Oppose Sotomayor?

It would seem that is on the table, at least.  Take a look at this release from them:

Out of respect for the confirmation process, the NRA has not announced an official position on Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation. However, should her answers regarding the Second Amendment at the upcoming hearings be hostile or evasive, we will have no choice but to oppose her nomination to the Court.

This is going to be interesting, that is for sure.  More from the Washington Times here.

3 thoughts on “NRA Gearing Up to Oppose Sotomayor?”

  1. I’m not seeing that statement as any different than what they’ve said from the beginning. They are just starting to make the statements more formal.

  2. Ther is a good chance that with her associations and racist tilt on affirmative action and if gunr ights groups target her that she will not get confirmed.

    My read is that she is not that imaginative and will tow the liberal line. Her judgemnts have been devoid of reasoning just taking the easy way out if a law provides the out. She does not to cahnge from law and order or upset the applcart. her replacement could be sharper and much more danbgerous. However It would hurt Obama if she was shot down. WE are going to get a liberal so at least can we get one that thinks?

  3. With the repubs in the minority and only a few arrows left in their quiver, in light of the Messiah’s god-like presence in the MSM, I do believe the 2A will be front and center at the confirmation hearings.

    This is a fight worth envoking.

    Yes, we’re going to ultimately appoint another liberal to the SCOTUS to replace a retiring liberal, but it doesn’t have to be this one.

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