Fantastic Weekend

We had some really beautiful weather this weekend in the Philadelphia area. Rightwingprof picked a great time to come. Bitter and I went canoing in New Jersey on Saturday. She had to go back to Virginia after we met up with Wyatt and Rightwingprof, so I decided to spend the rest of the daylight today at the range with the Ruger 10/22. I was shooting an NRA large bore 100yd target at that distance w/optics in bench rest position. Ammo was Remington “Golden Bullet”, those cheap brass plated .22LR rounds they make. I scored 189 out of 200 and 178 out of 200. I noticed most of my hits into the 8 and 9 ring were vertically oriented, rather than horizontally oriented, so I’m wondering if maybe powder charge consistency in the cheap ammo is an issue? I think I should be able to hit 200 out of 200 with optics at that distance. At least that’s my goal!

The 10/22 needs a cleaning now though. It was jamming up on me toward the end, and starting to make weak strikes on the rim.

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Weekend”

  1. My wife and I were shooting on Friday, putting Winchester .22’s through her lever-action Marlin (39A) and my 10/22.

    I noticed a couple of times that I’d get a much less-sharp “crack” than usual, and the point of impact would drop by a good 2″ at 25 yards. I was able to keep sub-one-inch groups, but those occasional low-loads would drop noticeably.

    At least we weren’t getting the dud rounds that we usually get with the Federal “Lightning” ammo.

  2. Try it with CCI ammo. If you did that well with the cheapo Remington junk, some Mini-mags would probably go 200/200.

  3. I’ve always liked CCI. I picked up a boat load of the Remington shit to take to Texas, and didn’t shoot 1/4 of it. I might just use that in the pistol where powder charge won’t matter so much at those distances.

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