Who to Thank

We know what we need to do with Fred “One-Gun-A-Month” Madden, but there are some Senators who made a good show of opposing the gun rationing bill on the floor of the Senate, at a time when I’m sure most of them just wanted to go home and sleep (I know I did).

The people who got up on the floor and spoke against rationing your rights were Marcia Karrow (R-23), Tony Bucco (R-25), Kevin O’Toole (R-40), and Gerald Cardinale (R-39).  I will endeavor to get a hold of the video from their floor speeches.  Also to be thanked is Senator Tom Kean Jr., who is the Senate Minority Leader, and who held the Republican caucus together on this.  Those if you who know gun politics in New Jersey know keeping Republicans on the reservation on guns is like herding cats.  Senator Kean has done an admirable job.

We also owe some thanks to former GOP chair Tom Wilson, who has been supportive of the GOP in New Jersey rebuilding the trust of gun owners, and trying to better serve this abused constituency.  I sincerely hope Jay Webber will continue to advocate for the interests of New Jersey gun owners, since he’s taken over as GOP state chair a few weeks ago.

If you live in New Jersey, contact those Senators who at least were willing to call this bill out for the crap that it is, and thank them.

2 thoughts on “Who to Thank”

  1. If all New Jersey(ites/ians??) would buy one gun a month for a couple of years the pols would go nuts at the “spread” of firearms.

  2. Also Senator Van Drew (D-1) deserves credit for voting against S1774. He helped to table the legislation back in March and promised to stand his ground on it. He kept his word.

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