What Did It Get You Kirsten?

Carolyn Maloney is looking increasingly likely to primary Kirsten Gillibrand.  What’s she thinking about running on?

“Character,” Maloney said.

The brief comment marked an escalation of the upper East Side congresswoman’s attacks on Gillibrand.

Maloney has hit her for “evolving” stances on guns, immigration and the economic crisis since Gov. Paterson plucked Gillibrand from a largely rural, conservative upstate House district and made her Hillary Clinton’s Senate replacement.

Gillibrand the flip flopper would appear to be the narrative:

At The News’ Editorial Board meeting, Maloney took Gillibrand to task on guns.

“I am for gun control. I don’t have guns under my bed – guns kill,” she said, referring to Gillibrand famously saying she kept guns underneath her bed and earning a perfect record from the National Rifle Association.

Perhaps I am being a bit too nagging a voice eminating from under the Gillibrand bus, but wasn’t switching positions on guns meant to avert a primary challenger?  Well, it looks like you got one.  Don’t expect any help from us.  Time will tell whether Gillibrand’s flip flopping will be her undoing.

12 thoughts on “What Did It Get You Kirsten?”

  1. Nice! Turncoats and traitors to our rights deserve whatever they get. Hey Gillibrand! Have fun in your primary you dumbbell!

  2. This is typical Democrat Cage Match. Despite all their fawning Veganism and pacifist platitudes it’s politics as bloodsport. To the victor goes the Office and the money from the Politburo Neros. In a single party political system there is only one rout to the top, and it’s over bodies of the fallen.

  3. Does anyone think she would change back to pro-gun if she won and her 6-year term was secure?

  4. Anything to win an election. Sorry Gillibrand….but I hope you lose. Why?

    “As a warning to all generations of politicians that comes after you, that some things come with too high of a price (and little to no reward).”

    Inspired by Vir Coto

  5. Gillibrand will win in 2010 and 2012 because, like her predecessor Hillary Clinton, Gillibrand is smart, funny, caring, thoughtful, open-minded, hard working, and tough. And like Clinton, the more voters get to meet and talk to Gillibrand, the greater her support.

    This is reflected in endorsements from a growing number of public officials, opinion leaders, progressive organizations and unions.

We are fortunate to have Gillibrand to represent and advocate for New York in the Senate. She is young, energetic and will give us many years of strong leadership.

  6. Gillibrand will win handily against Maloney…..Despite her recent retraction back from the gun issue, she has all the character in the world.

    Unfortunately it looks like the GOP will be running a bag of apples against her……and if Pataki is the chosen one…just remember that he was the reason for CoBIS, the so-called AWB and the other Year 2000 gun laws….

    So I am giving Gillibrand all the room to manuver until the time comes for her to actually vote…

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