Latest Gillibrand Statement on Guns

From an interview today in Newsday New York:

But even after living in Manhattan with its gun violence for 12 years, Gillibrand, who as a House member won the National Rifle Association’s top rating, rejects city gun bans or limits on legally owned guns.

“It’s a false debate,” she said. “It’s political rhetoric that’s sucking you in to believe that hunters owning a gun or an American citizen who wants to protect his home owning a gun somehow increases gun violence.”

Asked if she owned a gun, she said, “We own two.”

Asked where she kept them, she said, “Under the bed.”

Gillibrand said while she and her husband don’t hunt, her mother, brother and father do.

“I grew up in a house where my mom owns about eight guns. She keeps them in a gun case,” Gillibrand said.

What her ultimate voting record in the Senate will be I would not wager on at this point, as the politics of this will be complex.  But her primary thought for the next two years will be her primary.  The Democratic Party wants someone who will hold on to that seat in what’s likely to be a Republican voting year.  My hope is she keeps the majority of her pro-gun views, and the Democrats will keep McCarthy on a short leash.

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  1. She backtracked later and said they’re not loaded. Now, if it’s a mosin or sks with a bayonet mounted, I can see the home defense purpose (equivalent to a short spear, or “assault spear”).

    With all the loonies around, it’s poor opsec though.

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