Global Week of Gun Violence Prevention

IANSA is promoting this week to celebrate international disarmament in the protection of women.  I kid you not.  There’s even a documentary that will be screened today on saving women from the scourge of guns.  Even the otherwise gun loving Kiwis are joining the fun.  Let me ask you this, who do you think is more prepared to deal with an domestic abusing piece of scum, this woman:


Or this woman:


Which one looks more like a victim to you?  I think credit goes to Oleg Volk for the photo above, but I’m not sure the origin, to be honest.

12 Responses to “Global Week of Gun Violence Prevention”

  1. Dock says:

    You can find the latter gal at the link above.

    Her husband owns a gun store so I suspect the hardware is available should she need it. :) May just be a photo that her hubby took at the store.

    Turns out, I went to college with her…

  2. Bitter says:

    Yeah, we used to read her blog. In fact, I do believe Sebastian featured her blog in his presentation at NRA. :)

  3. Sebastian says:

    That is true. I did know it was Kit, which is why I assumed it was one of Oleg’s photos.

  4. Otter says:

    Obviously, the woman with all the firearms is the more of a victim. She’s a victim by being brainwashed to believe the male fallacy that security can only come from strength. err… wait a minute..

  5. Justin Buist says:

    Yeah, that’s an Oleg photo. It was taken about 4 years back I think when she was visiting in TN.

    How I can remember stuff like that and still lose my car keys amazes me.

  6. Sigivald says:

    And here I thought Kit had vanished off the face of the earth once she got married, and it turns out she just moved to livejournal…

  7. hsoi says:

    This morning I was at the gun range and saw an older man and younger woman walk in; my guess was a father and his teenage daughter. Looks like he was teaching her how to shoot a handgun. Sure seemed to me like that father was taking direct action to help his pretty teenage daughter stay safe.

    Heck, the CHL class that was there was filled with women.

    All doing their part to not be a victim.

  8. NMM1AFan says:

    Neat, I used to read Kit’s old blog. She always took really nice landscape pictures.

  9. Jon says:

    Don’t know what changed, but Kit’s blogging at her old site again. Good to see her back.

  10. Dimitris says:

    Never mind who looks like a victim, which of the two women actually looks HAPPY?

  11. Dimitris:

    They say guns are a phallic symbol…….

  12. ATL says:

    Never mind who looks like a victim, which of the two women actually looks HAPPY?

    Amen! Geez, that one chick with the mic looks like someone took a crap on her free range Cheerios! Oleg on the bottom looks like she wants to live around all those AR’s!


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