Brady Center Hails Losing Law Firm

The firm that lost Heller for the Bradys has accepted a place on their Honor Role. I have to admit, it’s a little amusing, but when a law firm donates a lot of pro-bono time to your cause, you kind of have to say thank you, even if they lose.  They are being recognized at a ceremony taking place today with Dick Durbin, Carolyn McCarthy and other members of the Sad Panda Coalition.

One thought on “Brady Center Hails Losing Law Firm”

  1. There is good news in this release:

    Most recently, the Firm filed an amicus brief on behalf of leading history professors and legal historians in support of another handgun ban—this time before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Delivering many of the same arguments advanced in Heller, O’Melveny helped convince the Seventh Circuit panel that the City of Chicago’s regulation of handguns is consistent with gun-control efforts taken throughout our Nation’s history.

    So that means they are going to get up in front of the SCOTUS and argue the exact same thing and cross their fingers to hope it works this time? In that case, let us reward failure even more!

    BTW, I might add that your readers could help reward success by hitting the CRDF link.

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