Someone Missing 134.5 Billion Dollars?

Kevin has a story that is absolutely mind boggling.  They apparently didn’t realize when you steal that kind of money, you better make sure they think you are dead.  They’ve not been watching enough movies:

Well, when you steal $600, you can just disappear. When you steal 600 million, they will find you, unless they think you’re already dead.

I’m going to agree with the folks who say they are counterfeit.  I also would not be surprised to find out they are not, in fact, Japanese Nationals, but North Koreans with false papers.  Can you imagine being the teller at the Swiss Bank when two guys show up with more treasury bonds than the GDP of most countries in their briefcases?

2 thoughts on “Someone Missing 134.5 Billion Dollars?”

  1. So sorry. I was led to believe those were Fiat/Chrysler stock certificates. Should have realized that there isn’t that much Chrysler stock.

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