Stepping Up: Eric Shelton’s Six Percent

Eric Shelton issued a challenge on his last handgun podcast, for a handgun podcast 6%ers.  I guess you could call them sixers, but I think our local basketball team might take issue.

Six Percent is almost embarrassingly low.  It’s actually kind of sad to think that that’s all I feel I can reasonably expect to get involved.  But the good news for you guys is it dramatically increases your chance to win!  Post email replies or scanned images of mailed replies from your elected officials here, when you contact them about your Second Amendment freedoms.  They’re politicians, so I don’t expect them to say anything worthwhile in their letter.  But knowing that you contacted them enters you to win the Handgun Podcast pistol that will be awarded in Episode 100.

I’ve said that with twenty motivated people, I could change the politics of this whole Congressional district when it comes to guns.  It doesn’t really take much.  Kudos to Eric for putting up a gun as a prize for getting people more involved.

One thought on “Stepping Up: Eric Shelton’s Six Percent”

  1. I’ve been referring to myself as a 6% for a while now. So I am definitely in on this plan.

    Maybe it’ll grow into something.

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