Lancaster Passing Lost and Stolen

Lancaster adds itself to list to become the eighth municipality violating statewide preemption.  I have to hand it to Joe Grace, his campaign might not result in Harrisburg passing the legislation he wants, but I wouldn’t call it ineffective.  The trick for our side, is going to be ripeness and standing, in that we might have to find someone who’s actually charged under one of these ordinances.  We’ll want it to be a clean case; someone who is charged that will be sympathetic to the courts.  We’re not going to want someone charged who’s got, say, a long string of drug convictions, or is otherwise unscrupulous.

4 thoughts on “Lancaster Passing Lost and Stolen”

  1. Is it possible, safe or reasonable to intentionally break this law and then turn ones self in? How would that person do it? Seems like the person would have to intentionally misplace a firearm, or make a false statement.

  2. Methinks this will run afoul of the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination, although it looks like this law is intended to override it altogether.

  3. FOIA requests for state and local agency inventories might be illuminating: does the local jail know where all the guns are? Has any gun seized as evidence ever gone missing?

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