Move Toward Confrontation

City Council is preparing to pass gun control in Philadelphia:

Mayor Nutter has indicated that he will likely sign the bills and begin enforcing the gun laws even if, as some believe, the lack of Harrisburg approval makes them illegal.

And Clarke expects the state to fight the city’s efforts:

“We anticipate that the state, along with the National Rifle Association, will very quickly challenge our ability to implement those bills.”

My letter to Attorney General Corbett, asking him to investigate the possibility of prosecuting anyone attempting to enforce these provisions, which are illegal and unconstitutional under Pennsylvania law, will be in the mail before the ink is dry on Nutter’s signature.

3 thoughts on “Move Toward Confrontation”

  1. Pennsylvanians need to hammer these Ba%@#ds into the ground! Sue for malfeasance, violation of oath, false arrest, kidnapping, etc. Send a nice campaign contribution to the other party; copy the check and send the copy to the finance chairman of Nutter’s party, along with a polite note telling them why.

  2. That’s up to Philadelphians, and 80% of those are Democrats. There’s no way as a Republican in that city to change anything as long as the Democratic herd mentality prevails.

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