9 thoughts on “Government Looking to Regulate Blogs”

  1. Ah yes.

    Sebastian, it would probably not suck THAT bad for you to acknowledge that FNH generously gave you that MK 48 you just wrote a review for …


  2. Just wai till they shut you down because your not “fair and balanced” or have the left viewpoint. Or maybe they will start taxing blogs like yours to shut you down. Or maybe eric holders little opinion about “limiting free speech on the internet”.

  3. An unnamed FTC source tells me this is more about deceptive viral marketing than about PC police. There is a lot of the deceptive marketing going on, people really are being duped, and this is just one way to help address the issue. The devil will be in the details.

  4. The government. just said that… YOU. have a credibility problem?


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