Sometimes My Editorial Sense Fails

When I saw the original New York Times article blasting conceaed carry as a dangerous idea, I kind of dismissed it, because commenting on an anti-gun article from the New York Times is kind of like commenting on a cloudy day in Seattle. But apparently this one was pretty awful. Both Professor Reynolds, who has a roundup of blog reactions, and Professor Kopel, who notes what the Times didn’t tell readers, do a pretty good job of refuting the Times’ shoddy reporting.

I have little doubt the Times is doing this at the behest of King Bloomberg of New York, to create some ammunitino against HR822, which will will open the Big Apple to carry by permits from other states. Every once in a while I think something is “dog bites man”, but it turns out to be a big story. This is one of those occasions.

One thought on “Sometimes My Editorial Sense Fails”

  1. Just thinking about “elite” people by NY and NJ tearing their hair out about the idea of “flyover people” carrying concealed weapons in those states never fails for make me smile.

    And when, as is almost certain, the great unwashed carry concealed weapons without any problems, what will the citizens of those states think about the strict restrictions on carry licenses with which they endure.

    That is, I think, the core of Mayor Bloomberg’s fear. Oh, unhappy man!

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