PA Democrats Block Transparency Effort

It appears that Democrats in the House are blocking a bill to bring a little transparency to political photo ops.

Legislation sponsored by Rep. Jim Cox, R-Berks, would replace Rendell’s name with “Pennsylvania Taxpayers” on the checks — all the better to make it clear where the luchre is actually coming from, the newspaper reported.

The House State Government Committee was to have acted on the proposal Monday, but held off on action at the request of the chamber’s majority-Democrat leadership.

What I like about this bill is that it doesn’t cost us a thing. With a $3 billion deficit, it’s good to see a new law that doesn’t cost us a penny.

It’s also a win-win situation for Republicans. If Democrats on the committee approve it, then all of those photo ops with “free” money handed out to pet causes are suddenly no longer credited to the generosity of Ed Rendell and the Democratic Party. It reminds people exactly who is paying for these politically favored causes. And if the Democrats block it, well, why are they against a bit of transparency on behalf of taxpayers?