Millions Hundreds ? of Moms March

This report indicates that some mothers actually did march against guns this weekend.

Hundreds of mothers and other activists have been marching the streets of New York City to protest gun violence.

Gloria Cruz of the Million Mom March in New York says she wants to honor children who have died as a result of gun violence. She also says the march is to show people will never stop fighting for stronger gun laws.

The AP claims hundreds, but they don’t provide any photos or videos.

4 Responses to “Millions Hundreds ? of Moms March”

  1. Jdude says:

    Probably one or two dozen people showed up, hence no pictures. Difficult to make that small of an amount look bigger.

  2. Billll says:

    FWIW: The Denver chapter of MMM on Meetup sports 6 members.

    I know. I’m one of them.


  3. Matt Groom says:

    Well considering that the “Million Mom March” consists of maybe 10,000 members nationwide, I extrapolate that “Hundreds” probably means ‘Three overweight feminists and two dozen reporters’.