Gun Blogger Invitational?

Caleb and Robb are looking into doing a Gun Blogger Invitational match:

The short version is that Robb and I are both fond of the blogger get togethers like The GBR and the 2ABlogBash, but we’d like to see a little bit more shooting at these gun blogger events. GBR has a range day, and the BlogBash has NRA’s air rifle range, but what if there was a match, say a “Gun Blogger Invitational” match that allowed you to hang and bang action pistol style with your fellow internet gun nuts?

My advice would be to make it within a day’s drive of most people.  Flying is a pain in the ass these days, and flying with guns means you have to check at least one bag (which they like to charge you for now).  But because some people do have to fly, make it in a city which you can get a direct flight to out of most major cities.  The Blog Bash is in Phoenix this year, which is actually harder to get to than one might think.  Most flights out of Philadelphia are indirect.  Getting to the GBR in Reno is real difficult from the East Coast; no direct flights, and not a wealth of available times of flights.  I love to drive, so a day’s drive away would be ideal for me attending.

Other than that, I would have a high degree of interest in such an event.  I don’t shoot IPSC or other action shooting sports competitively, mostly for lack of opportunity in this area, but I’ve always enjoyed doing it when I’ve tried it.

7 thoughts on “Gun Blogger Invitational?”

  1. Agree on doing it near a city where you can get a direct flight. Reno sucks. Vegas is good.

    As is St. Louis.



    Chicago (other problems with Chicago, LOL)


    You guys in the west don’t realize it though – but the NE corridor between DC and Boston has nearly 60 million people.

    I’d urge someone to do an event in Pennsylvania – pretty much right in the middle – which could attract lots of people.

  2. Not sure about how easy it is to fly to Indianapolis (its very easy for me) but I’d add that too.

    The airport there is fantastic. Seriously, its the nicest airport I’ve been to in a long time, or you can fly into Chicago and drive down a couple of hours.

  3. In an email, I encouraged areas around Atlanta & Charlotte for ease of transportation. (Charlotte is a much bigger airport than most people realize, it’s a hub for connections.) Those are also areas in easy driving distance for most of the types who express an interest in attending events, based on what I’ve seen.

  4. yeah, id second both of those. Heck, if it were Atlanta I could help with a location there as well. My access to land around Chatlotte about 4 hours away. But plenty of places in the mountains (and its close to E. Tennessee and the blogger capitol of Knoxville)

  5. The PA area would be totally TEH AWESOME.

    I’d be interested in pretty much anything within a 12 hour drive from MA.

    I am NOT interested in flying with guns; especially out of Logan…

  6. Still not too crazy about flying with guns, even out of Manch-vegas (although that’s a better option than Logan to be certain).

    I’m not all that big on flying, period; if I can drive there in under a day I’d rather work it that way…

    Frex, Charlotte next year might be doable…

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