3 thoughts on “Gun Intimates”

  1. Hmmm…It is a new product, according to the release, so maybe they haven’t put it on the website yet. I wish I could say we shot that photo ourselves, but alas, we did not.

  2. The X-ray backscatter machine shown on that second link is truly scary. Anybody not familiar with it should read up on a similar technique called neutron backscatter. The theory of it is sort of like X-ray imaging, except the neutrons give a higher level of gradation to the image. And, since it’s backscatter, the emitter and detector are both on the same side, so one could, in theory, put one on the back of a truck and drive down the street effectively seeing into buildings. Imagine Google StreetView except you could see what’s inside!

    If you think it’s sci-fi stuff, you should know that it’s already in use at major US ports-of-entry to scan inside metal cargo containers. The trucks just drive slowly by the “arrays,” as they’re called, and Customs can see inside the sealed containers.

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