No Wonder Sugarmann’s a Sad Clown

Bitter did an analysis of VPC’s finances a few years ago.  Now Howard Nemerov has updated us on the current state of VPC’s finances:

In 2007, VPC saw a small improvement, mostly by cutting functional expenses by 48.7% since 2003, plus the fact that salaried employees received no raises since 2005, along with  $144,227 increase in “direct public support.” (Where this “public support” comes from will be examined in Part 2, because this tells the story of who VPC really represents.)

This ought to be good.

5 thoughts on “No Wonder Sugarmann’s a Sad Clown”

  1. Sad Clown my ass. He’s making $300,000+ a year? Man, for that kind of scratch you’d think he’d have one or two successes lined up.

    Maybe that’s income from his FFL.

  2. {hit submit too soon}

    He’s not sad, he’s laughing all the way to the bank. He doesn’t have to produce any results and can still make 300k a year, that’s a decent gig.

  3. Yeah, that’s true enough. That’s a great salary for non-profit too. But either way, the gig will be up eventually unless they can find a way to rake in more dough.

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