Worst! Epidemic! Ever!

The Mexican Swine Flu is coming!

The CDC and World Health Organization are concerned about the spread of the swine flu and it possibly being a new stronger strain of the virus because of its spread and toll in Mexico City. There also are fears the swine flu could prompt a flu pandemic that hits across numerous countries.

Lock yourselves inside.  When the undead begin roaming the streets, you know what to do!

5 thoughts on “Worst! Epidemic! Ever!”

  1. Paranoia is fun and all, but I have a practical request for everyone: wash your hands.

    That is all.

  2. I thought bird flu was supposed to kill us all? Well if they can’t find one crisis to give the gov. “emergency” powers move on to the next.

  3. well lets see: Found: Genes from a pig, genes from a bird, a genes from a human. How wondeful. This is not your everyday virus. So, some sicko who like to sit at a lab desk must of had some fun because it is practically impossible to create this hybrid cocktail on it’s own just because maybe the three were close to each other.Why aren’t the farmer’s children or the farmers themselves dropping like flies since they tend to grow and breed farm animals like chickens, ducks, pigs. I don’t hear their children getting sick? Only people in Mexico City. Last time i went there i didn’t even hardley see dogs let alone pigs rolling with birds and humans. Wake up, people.

  4. Hypnagogue: And don’t touch your face unless you’ve just washed your hands. If things get really bad wear eye and mouth/nose protection when you have to go outside.

    Shawn: The bird flu we’re currently worried about is a LOT more lethal than this swine flu or swine flus of time past (although it may get less lethal when (not if) it becomes transmittable between people; there’s also the minor detail that China is not very responsible in dealing with these sorts of things (the political trumps everything else there)). But a swine flu like this can be lethal enough, one killed 40-50 million people in 1918.

    becky: An animal (including a human) can get infected with more than one flu strain at a time and the genes can mix, resulting in a hybrid like this one. There are plenty of birds, pigs and humans in close contact in places like China (traditional breeding ground for new dangerous flu strains) and of course Mexico.

    As for children vs. adults, people are freaking out over this because in the last really big flu (1918) pandemic youngish adults were the major victims, not the very young and old as is normal. And we may be seeing a similar pattern here. Spend some time at e.g. Wikipedia for a start and all this will be much more clear. Search on Influenza, 1918 flu pandemic, cytokine storm, 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak, etc.

  5. Its telling it came from Mexico, where on farm conditions are a bit less than pristine. Of course, our congress critters and your local Whole Food Hippie Foodies are trying to prevent farmers from employing veterinarians or using appropriate vaccinations or medications on our domestic farm animals.


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