Music for the Weekend

I like music.  Probably not something I share with folks often on here.  From the time I was five years old, I took classical piano.  Except for a few years in my pre-teens, I took lessons continuously through to almost being done college.  I was told I was good.  Last recital I gave was at 22, which if I recall, I performed Debussy’s Estampes, “Jardins sous la pluie.” and Chopin’s Military Polonaise.

One of my great regrets was not keeping up with it.  It’s not like riding a bicycle.  After a while, the muscles in your fingers forget how to play.  You lose ability rapidly.  On a day or so’s notice, I can relearn some simple pieces, like the first movement to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (used to know the third, but I’d be damned surprised if I could get through the first few bars today.).  I still, in theory, know how to read music, but I doubt my fingers would work.  But I’m still an avid listener.

Elgar Violin Concerto Anyway, I thought I’d spend a few Fridays sharing some musical recommendations for the weekend with you all.   Today’s recommendation is Violin Concerto in B Minor by Edward Elgar, performed by Izhak Perlman, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim, conducting.

Amazon sells it here, if your interested. Proceeds go to Bitter’s Amazon unemployment fund.

Elgar is an English composer probably best known for his work “Pomp and Circumstance,” which will be played at most graduations over the next two months, but though his Violin Concerto is lesser known, I think it’s one of his greatest works.

3 thoughts on “Music for the Weekend”

  1. Elgar? Don’t you know it’s only uncultured rednecks that would read a blog liked this? Besides, I’m more of a Sibelius fan. :-)

  2. While I agree the Violin Concerto is great, I would have to say his “Enigma Variations” is more a testament to his composing ability than the concerto. We’ll have to see if you dig up Smetnas “Ma Vlast” ;)

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