There’s No Winning

The Army’s new green training rounds carry with it a cancer risk because of the tungsten.  They’ve stopped production.  Maybe they should go talk to Dan Smith of ICC, who’s ammo we shot last summer at Blackwater with Todd Jarrett.  That stuff is non-toxic sintered copper and tin, and it worked well.

3 thoughts on “There’s No Winning”

  1. How well would an iron bullet work? I know iron is lighter than lead and there is the rust issue… But it shouldn’t have the legal limitations of steel bullets, at least.

  2. You need a metal that’s ductile. Steel and iron aren’t. You can use steel as a core, surrounded by copper, but that can be armor piercing. You can use it surrounded by teflon, but those are “cop killer” bullets. Pure copper? Usually OK, but expensive. Tin? Expensive, and not quite dense enough. Bismuth? Good properties, but expensive.

    There’s not really a good substitute for lead. It’s the ideal heavy metal for bullets, which is why they’ve been made out of it for centuries.

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