How’s This for Home Defense?

This is a pretty interesting shotgun.  I didn’t realize if you pistolized a shotgun if qualified as an AOW.  I think because it doesn’t have rifling in the barrel.  This could be good for someone who is in a small house or apartment with tight corners, where a full sized shotgun might be too cumbersome to wield.  Pay your $5 dollar AOW NFA tax, and one can be yours!

4 thoughts on “How’s This for Home Defense?”

  1. Pistolizing a shotgun doesn’t make it an AOW, it makes it an SBS (Short barreled shotgun).

    The shotgun in the picture is an AOW because it has a forward pistol grip. It happens to be folded in the picture.

    Isn’t the NFA wonderfully arcane?

  2. Thanks for the clarification. So absent the forward grip, it would be a SBS, meaning a 200 dollar transfer tax. Add the forward grip, and it’s a $5 AOW?

  3. If it is originally configured without a stock from the factory it is classified as an AOW also. However if you put a stock on it, you suddenly have an unregistered SBS.

    You can however change the pistol grip to a rounded palm “grip”, the pistol grip on a 12 gauge is one hell of a wrist breaker.

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