National Park Carry Update

It’s being reported around blogs and in the media that the Obama Administration is not appealing the concealed carry rule injunction issued by a DC District Court earlier in the month.  That doesn’t mean the issue is dead though.

Judge Kollar-Kotelly, who handed down the injunction against implementing the firearms rule change, also granted NRA’s Motion to Intervene, which allows NRA to appeal the ruling independent of the Obama Administration.  That’s not a guarantee that NRA will prevail on appeal, but the issue is not dead, and it’s honestly probably better to have NRA appealing it than the Obama Administration.

One thought on “National Park Carry Update”

  1. this seems to be their pattern (not appealing decisions) at least now. There are two other issues wholly unrelated t0 firearms that I am working on where the Administration has refused an appeal. In one, they are leaving it up to environmentalists to seek the appeal. In the other, they are leaving it up to industry to seek the appeal.

    Not quite sure why, but I suspect its partly a function of still not having the political staff in place at DOJ to make the decisions.

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