Toomey Announces

He has formally entered the race:

“We can stop the bailouts and the spending stampede; we can reduce the burdens on taxpayers; and we can unlock the ingenuity and job creation potential of our great nation once again,” Toomey said in his remarks. “I am running for the U.S. Senate because I believe the economic stakes for our country have never been higher. The people of Pennsylvania deserve the very best from their leaders in Washington – but that’s not what they are receiving.”

It’s change I can believe in.  I anxiously await Alren Specter’s next attack ad, which will no doubt inform Pennsylvania voters that Pat Toomey’s involvement with the Second Bank of the United States lead directly to the real estate bubble and, eventual panic of 1819.

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2 thoughts on “Toomey Announces”

  1. “Pat Toomey’s involvement with the Second Bank of the United States”

    ha. i get that joke. does that make me a politics nerd?

    i signed up with his representative at the Tea Party this morning. the tea party was run by the radio show on which Toomey announced his candidacy.

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