I Never Listened to Him Anyway

I’m not really a big fan of Rush Limbaugh.  I respect him for the success he’s had as the undisputed King of his medium, and generally think he’s been a positive influence on the conservative movement.  But personally, I never really dug conservative talk radio.

Now I’m glad I don’t listen to him, if he’s going to make allies with radical anti-hunting groups that disguise themselves.  I sincerely hope that Rush Limbaugh fell for it too, rather than that he actually supports their anti-hunting, anti-farming animal rights agenda.

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  1. I don’t listen to him much, but my parents do…

    Anyway, I’d be a little wary of trusting the HSUS’s word on this. You might be able to double-check again RushLimbaugh.com (or eib.net…I can’t remember which is the email domain and which is the web domain, or if they are different) to see if he really said what they claim he said.

    However, it could be that Rush was deluded. Or that he doesn’t know the difference between the HSUS and the NRA in terms of history/policy/effect.

  2. My bad…I mistook the HSUS in the ddmain name (Humane Society of United States) for that other false-flag organization with “Hunters and Shooters” in its name.

    Thus, it wouldn’t be the NRA he’d need to compare them to.

    Is there a better organization than the HSUS for promoting humane behavior towards animals, especially unwanted animals?

  3. Karrde,

    Yes there is. Any local Humane Society and the ASPCA. The national HSUS has devolved from “Animal Welfare” into a radical “animal rights” group akin to PETA.

  4. HSUS has NOTHING to do with taking care of unwanted animals. They are animal right activists – with a $100 million dollar budget compliments of tricking everyone into thinking they are the dog shelter – that would like to turn us all into Vegans

  5. Well, he wasn’t doing a fundraising ad, but simply a PSA. I think most people associate the HSUS with their local Humane Societies.

    He even said in the PSA that he didn’t believe that we should treat animals kindly because they have rights but simply out of the kindness of our hearts because they are helpless and unprotected.

    It was simply a PSA about laws against dogfighting because he loves dogs and cats.

  6. Not like Rush has been anything but a fair weather supporter for the 2nd Amendment and the American Shooting sports.

    I’m not much of a fan of him either. Still good for him at being so sucessful.

  7. Well, he wasn’t doing a fundraising ad, but simply a PSA. I think most people associate the HSUS with their local Humane Societies.

    Yes, and that’s exactly the idea. Except HSUS is an animal rights group, not an animal welfare group.

  8. I think most people associate the HSUS with their local Humane Societies.

    And that is wrong. They aren’t. They are trading on the name in order to deceive people and steal money that is rightfully headed to animal shelters. Instead its lining Wayne Pacelle’s pockets and his campaign to turn us all into PETA style Vegans

  9. Well, he wasn’t doing a fundraising ad, but simply a PSA.

    Uh, dude, what purpose do you think PSAs serve? They are really vehicles to win supporters and, with those supporters, financial support. They will use unrestricted funds to serve anti-hunting purposes.

  10. “They are animal right activists… that would like to turn us all into Vegans”

    I would sooner hunt and eat Vegans than become one myself. I bet they’ll be happy I shoot at Whitetails then!

    I like Rush. I don’t listen to Rush, but I don’t hate the guy. Mark Levin is a die-hard animal lover, too and I don’t think everybody researches organizations who offer them money before they endorse them.

  11. My point was that Rush, in the PSA, said that animals don’t have rights. And I was assuming that he got duped by the HSUS because he possibly assumed that they run the animal shelters, and that he wasn’t raising funds for them but rather simply encouraging people to report people who abused their dogs. If you’re not a strict libertarian who thinks that people should have free reign to abuse animals as they please, there’s absolutely nothing objectionable in what he says except that it was paid for by HSUS.

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