How to Spot a Hidden Handgun

Conservative Scalawag links to a guide written for the NYPD on [how to spot a concealed pistol]*.   Take a look.  I have to admit, about keeping the hand close to the shirt, and not swinging the other arm, I do that.  I have to keep the shirt from blowing open.   I do that even when I’m not carrying, just out of habit.  The rest of the things they mention can be solved by using a quality holster.   Studies have shown that bad guys almost universally don’t carry in holsters; just stuffing it in their waistband.   I don’t get this.  Why don’t criminals use a holster?

* Dead link removed

4 Responses to “How to Spot a Hidden Handgun”

  1. GeorgeH says:

    They’re stupid?

  2. Strings says:

    actually… no. I mean, they ARE stupid, but that’s not the answer…

    It’s easier in an emergency to just throw away the gun, instead of trying to remove a holster from the belt (especially with the cheapo holsters commonly available in stores: I wouldn’t have any problems with my Versamax, other than not wanting to loose the money invested)…

  3. Ahab says:

    Strings is onto it; it takes a considerable amount of time to unwind one my Galco holsters from the belt; why burden yourself with the holster when you’re probably not going to be keeping the gun anyway?

  4. Michael says:

    Once again you linking a post of mine has resulted in a large response on my blog. As of today,I’ve tallied close to 200 hits from your linke. So,once again thanks. I did get a hit from the NYPD this morning.

    As for as the purpose of the post,its a reminder to be careful while carring,not all police see holders of CCW,CFL,or in my case GFL as friends. In fact the oppisite, so be safe and be discreet.