CeaseFire PA Not Keen on Cause and Effect

They are suggesting something rather absurd:

Reforms such as reporting lost or stolen handguns to the police – a simple, common sense measure supported by an overwhelming number of Pennsylvanians – languish in the General Assembly.  Three more officers killed this weekend by gunfire, two others wounded.  Eleven policemen total shot and killed in Pennsylvania in the past four years.

When will the General Assembly act to protect our police and our citizens from the clear and present statewide danger presented by illegal guns? We call on the Assembly to act – now – by passing a lost or stolen handgun reporting requirement into law.

How the hell does “Lost and Stolen” have anything to do with the police officer shooting in Pittsburgh, given that the guns involved were neither lost nor stolen?  Talk about reaching to push your agenda.  Hey, Joe Grace, if you’re going to exploit a tragedy to push your agenda, at least be competent about it.

2 thoughts on “CeaseFire PA Not Keen on Cause and Effect”

  1. Wouldn’t an illegal gun already be against the law? Purely by definition alone…

  2. Wait…. a law requiring the reporting of lost or stolen guns to the police? I agree it is a common sense measure… one that, any respectable gun owner would do anyway. They need a law?

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