The PSH is Knee Deep Today

As one might have guessed, with the shootings over the weekend, the media is in full on Pants Shitting Hysterics mode.   We start with our local paper, who I thought were going to be out of money by now.

ARE YOU HAPPY today, NRA? Your message appears to be getting through.

Today, three Pittsburgh police officers are dead, their families bereft, their city and state in shock. While responding to a domestic dispute Saturday, the three were shot and killed by a man wearing body armor and using an AK-47.

Bitter and I are going to celebrate when the Inquirer and the Daily News finally finish circling the bowl, and flush down the sewer of history forever.  Hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate soon.   Oh, but it gets better:

Some progressive websites are blaming [the killer’s] actions, in part, on right-wing commentators who are stirring up gun owners.

It’s time America came to its senses again on gun control. Seven officers of the law being mowed down in two weeks is too many. Any is too many. But if you listen to the NRA, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Could [this lunatic who shall not be named] have killed these Pittsburgh police without all his sophisticated weaponry? Heck no!

One again, these guns nuts are clearly paranoid and delusional in thinking anyone is coming for their guns, so lets go take their guns.  Do these people even read what they write?  But it gets even better:

President Barack Obama’s administration seeks to reinstate the automatic weapons ban. It should be allowed to do so. Markey opposes reinstatement. (“Markey fights weapons ban,” March 21). She claims the prior ban was ineffective and the Second Amendment bars the ban. Markey is doubly wrong. First, the prior ban dried up the supply of automatic weapons and cut their use in crime by two-thirds.

Granted, that one is just a Letter to the Editor, but most of what’s in here is just made up crap.

7 thoughts on “The PSH is Knee Deep Today”

  1. Once again, the MSM placing blame everywhere except where it should be: with the attacker, who in his state of mind would’ve found a way to hurt someone regardless.

  2. …our local paper, who I thought were going to be out of money by now.

    No, hon. That’s predicted for next week.

  3. I’m liking Markey more, I didn’t vote for many dems in the last election, Markey may have been the only one in fact. Musgrave was too crazy for me, and Markey seems to be earning my respect…

  4. … Sophisticated weaponry?

    Are we talking about the same Kalashnikov?

  5. And where do I go to get my “automatic” weapon before the ban gets reinstated?

    I could really use an M60 or an electric mini gun on my watch tower!

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