GOP Committeeman Mark Hillman is a Bozo

Clearly they don’t appreciate the Second Amendment being a bipartisan issue, and is lashing out at NRA, and outright lying in at least one instance:

It’s simple: the NRA likes to play it safe by backing incumbents, even those whose support of gun rights is as sturdy as a soggy role of toilet paper. When the NRA endorsed liberal Democrat Sen. Harry Reid, NRA lobbyist Chris Cox explained that its “long-standing policy … gives preference to incumbent candidates who have voted with the NRA on key issues.”

They back incumbents with pro-gun records, which Markey has. Secondly, NRA has not endorsed Harry Reid this election. If you’re going to throw bombs, at least get your facts straight. I’m also outraged that he demeans pro-gun votes by Democrats:

(Remember Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall voting to allow guns in national parks but only after obtaining permission from the Senate’s top gun-grabber, Sen. Charles Schumer? Markey’s votes were of the same lot — manipulative campaign fodder.)

You’re confusing the park issue with National Concealed Carry. But that aside, this is politics, and you know that given your position within the GOP. This happens with any controversial vote. At the end of the day they voted for it.

The GOP needs to get this through their thick skulls: you don’t own the gun vote. We owe you jack. The fact of the matter is we got more done in this Congress than we did in eight years of total GOP control. The way to compete with the Democrats isn’t to lambaste the NRA, it’s to tell us what more you’re going to do that the Democrats haven’t. There are ways to woo us.

I would strongly encourage members of the Colorado GOP to give them a call and tell them you expect them to compete against Democrats by kissing our asses even more, rather than berating NRA for following an incumbent friendly endorsement policy that they have benefited from, and will benefit from again. The bar is raised. We no longer have to depend on one party to secure our Second Amendment rights. Clearly some in the GOP aren’t happy about that. Hear that guys? World’s smallest violin.

3 thoughts on “GOP Committeeman Mark Hillman is a Bozo”

  1. “outright lying”? He doesn’t actually say they endorsed Reid this election cycle. The NRA has endorsed Reid in the past; I presume a candidate could dig up a quote from when NRA did endorse Reid. Everything else is opinion. When you point a finger and call somebody a liar who didn’t actually lie, that’s three fingers pointing back at you.

    “We no longer have to depend on one party to secure our Second Amendment rights.” Likewise, with SAF and active local political efforts, we no longer have to rely on NRA to protect America’s first freedom.

    If NRA wants credit for it’s hard work, it needs to treat its members like adults and present the facts in the monthly magazine and in any of the mailers, rather than the weak soup propaganda. Their primary communications tools treat us like we are brain-damaged adolescents, rather than adults who read National Review and the Economist.

  2. SAF only has a court strategy. Someone still has to make sure we get pro-gun people on the bench, or that’s going to be all for naught.

    And yes, he didn’t say that, but seriously implied it. Do you want me to recite Markey’s record, which is stellar, I might add, just to drive the point home?

    The guy is pissed that NRA is endorsing Dems. That’s about the only thing it could be, if you consider the facts.

  3. Mark hates Democrats. He’s always complaining about how horrible they are. But he’s also the first person to defend them, specifically Obama (who he supposedly can’t stand) for doing EXACTLY the same nonsense that was being done when a wonderful thoughtful neocon named Bush was the president.

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