Happy Earth Day!

Today is a day to celebrate the earth by killing, grilling, and eating a small part of it. OK, well, I’ll have to leave the killing to the butcher, since I don’t have any live chickens handy to do the killing myself. But on the menu today is:

  1. Beer Can Chicken
  2. Baked Potatoes
  3. “Oh Yeah Baby” Glazed Carrots
  4. Italian Herb Bread
  5. Green Bean Casserole
  6. Jalepeno Corn Muffins
  7. Chocolate Lava Cake

And of course, I will be mixing up some margaritas. Yes, nothing says “I love the Earth” more than conspicuous consumption. Now, if you’ll excuse us while we drive to the store in our SUV to round up ingredients.

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