Birthday Haul

From Bitter and her mom, I got the the complete first two seasons of Rome.  One of the creators of this HBO series is John Milius, who is an NRA board member, and up for re-election this year.  Like Wayne Anthony Ross, he’s someone who will get my vote, even though we didn’t endorse him.

4 Responses to “Birthday Haul”

  1. ATL says:

    John Milius is also the director of one of the most bad ass movies of all time :Red Dawn. That along with his making of “Dillinger” should enshrine in of the “Hall of Pure Awesomeness” for all time.

  2. Bitter says:

    Yes, that’s why we took an interest in seeing Rome.

  3. The first season was excellent. Top-notch TV. The second season was not.

  4. Guav says:

    Unfortunately, you also own the ONLY two seasons of Rome—it only ran for two, which sucks because it was great.