Palin Appoints NRA Board Member to AG Slot

I was introduced to Wayne Anthony Ross once, but I would not claim to know him personally.  Nonetheless, I think Governor Palin has made herself a good choice.  It would seem Chris Cox agrees.

I should note that Ross split from NRA in endorsing Sarah Palin for Governor, when she was running against an endorsed incumbent.  NRA endorses incumbents by policy, and I agree with that, generally.  But in this specific case, I think Ross made the right choice.

UPDATE: Bitter notes that Wayne Anthony Ross is someone we considered for an endorsement this election.  We believe he is very worthy, but we wanted to get it down to six or less candidates, which was tough.  If you voted or plan to vote for Ross on your NRA ballot, you won’t go wrong.

One thought on “Palin Appoints NRA Board Member to AG Slot”

  1. I should note that WAR is someone else I suggested as a great candidate worthy of a vote for the election. We wanted to keep our endorsement list fairly manageable in size, but if we had picked more people, WAR would have been on the list.

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