McCain Picks Sarah Palin

It’s Palin! She’s an excellent choice.  Excellent.  Her politics are exactly where McCain needs his VP choice to be, and the fact that she’s a woman will help with jilted Hillary supporters.  And she’s a hell of a lot better looking than Joe Biden.

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long.

8 thoughts on “McCain Picks Sarah Palin”

  1. Same here. The liberals (who I’m am SHOCKED to find out that all the new people around me are NOT part of) are running around like someone washed their hair with lighterfluid and threw a match at them.

    This just got interesting.

  2. Outstanding! McCain continues to demonstrate his “maverick” style and excellent judgement in picking Sarah Palin as his VP candidate! I just watched the announcement and have never been more impressed with McCain’s judgement, leadership and commitment to our Country. Palin is an amazing and accomplished person who will make a huge difference in the upcoming election.

  3. I was giddy this morning. I have wanted Gov. Palin on the ticket since June. The woman is just the type of leader and example we need. I love the fact that all some of the pundits wanted to do was talk about this being a ploy to get Clinton supporters, or just rattle on the experience card. This woman is going to suprise them all; she’s a fighter and does what’s right.

  4. Fabulous choice. And at the interest of keeping my Male Pig status up to date, she’s really, really hot!

    The VPILF link is awesome, btw!

  5. Now all we need is for Joe Biden to lose his temper on camera and we have a real shot.

    How do we make this happen? Oh yeah, just wait a while and do nothing.

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