Specter is a “No” for Card Check

It is good to see that Arlen Specter has come to his senses and stopped wobbling on the bill to end secret ballots for union votes. Americans for Tax Reform reports that his office has confirmed he will vote against it.

Now, about that last bailout package, Senator….

One Response to “Specter is a “No” for Card Check”

  1. penitentman says:

    Perhaps the traitor Arlen Specter voted the right way on the ‘Card Check’ issue, but I doubt he has really changed his stripes. This is probably an effort on his part to try to mislead voters and make them think he is moving back to a right or conservative position.
    If he thinks voting ‘right’ on an issue or two will sway voters back to him before the elections, he is going to be in for a very (hopefully) rude awakening.
    He has constantly and consistently voted against the conservative base who elected him, voted against The People of this country, and voted with the ‘privileged elite’ of the Washington ruling class.
    He claims to be a conservative, but is really just a sheep in RINO’s clothing.