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Better than quote of the day, I now bring you hate of the day:

Having known Cooper personally for many years, its funny reading the cr*p on this site. All you homos can sit in the closet with your $99 winchester and stroke it thinking about how great it would be if Sarah Palin was president. Having been a life-long republican, you idiots don’t have enough higher brain function to see that you’ve been sold-out by your own party. It’s not Coopers fault that you choose not to see it… you’re as retarded as Palins youngest child.

Stay classy!  I would note the IP address resolves to a location in Westchester County, which is right outside of New York City.  It would be interesting to know how he knows Dan Cooper.  It would be interesting to know where I can find a $99 dollar Winchester these days.  I doubt this guy knows Dan Cooper.  I would hope that anyone in Montana would find using Palin’s Down Syndrome afflicted son as a tool to insult gun owners reprehensible.  I’ve been to Montana, and I think folks there, on the whole, are better than that.

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  1. Sebastian,

    That definitely looks like an Obama troll to me. I doubt that a single fact in that message is true. Don’t let them get you down. They are trolling all the blogs trying to discourage any opposition to the Obamessiah.

  2. They aren’t getting me down. I will say, I’m not proud that they fired Dan Cooper. I don’t really want to be responsible for people losing their jobs, even if only indirectly. All I wanted was for Cooper Firearms to know they were risking losing business by selling out gun owners. That said, the only person who’s responsible for Dan Cooper getting fired is Dan Cooper. If I went out to a national paper and said who I was supporting, as a representative of the company I worked for, I’d be fired too. There’s a reason business and politics don’t mix.

  3. I think you were right on target with the original alarm. Any firearms oriented business that helps Obama deserves to be called to accounts. It’s a well know fact that many businesses, especially the larger corporations, play both sides when it comes to election contributions. They don’t want to be left out in the cold if their horse doesn’t win, but a gun business that in any way supports Obama is a different matter. It’s suicidal. I feel for Dan Cooper too, but this is serious business that is going to be affecting all of us drastically for years to come if Obama wins.

  4. Actually the resignation of Dan cooper is a good result. A business should never insult their customers and Dan Cooper did that with a press release about his support for Obama. If he kept it private then there would not have been any objection.

    S&W made the same mistake under the Clinton administration and suffered for it. That lesson told other gun manufacturers that their customers care about gun rights and that any gun business should be cognizant of that fact.

    A couple of rules for businesses is never insult your customers or call them criminals, especially if your business is a niche market like guns.

  5. A lot of this is that I don’t think people understand the gun market very well. It’s not a product, like toothpaste. For most companies, mixing business and politics is really a stupid move, because you stand to alienate 50% of your customers in our current political climate. For firearms companies, we really want to see you’re part of the Second Amendment community. It is a niche market, as you said, so you have to be what your customer base expects you to be, which is a supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. You’re not being that if you’re supporting Obama. As a private citizen, you have a right to vote Obama based on other concerns, but your right to do that as a leader in the gun industry only goes as far as our willingness to buy your products. Support Obama, and that goes away. End of story.

  6. That’s just the kind of guy whose contempt and hatred is a badge of honor.

    That vitriol sounds quite a lot like the stuff Alex Riley used to post pseudo-anonymously. It’s not that I think this was him, but that’s whom I was reminded of.

  7. Sebastian,

    Don’t let that troll get to you….I am just upset that the trolls have not taken notice of my flaming of Obama lol

  8. Given that it’s called “Cooper Arms”, doesn’t Dan Cooper retain some stake of ownership in it? (I assume he owns something less than 50% of shares or whatnot, otherwise he would never have fired himself.)

  9. You need to put a picture of Ron Burgundy next to the phrase “stay classy”.

  10. Please don’t think all Democrats such as myself are all like that jerk! There’s a certain branch of the Democratic party that hates guns and isn’t actually very tolerant of views counter to their own, but I’m not in it. I’m as against the vandalization of McCain signs and other such juvenile nonsense as you are.

    It’s funny, Republicans are somewhat right when they complain about the ivory tower intellectual elite in the Democratic party — I was actually raised all around them. But these people are in the tiny, tiny minority who tend to populate places like Westchester, NY. I myself inhabit such a place, and I can tell you even here they’re in the minority. Don’t even bother to look at them — they’re wackos, picking and choosing from a buffet of bad ideas that include the notion that eating animals is murder, that violence is always wrong, that business is always evil, that feminism means women are better than men, and that Republicans are all either slack-jawed retards, hypocrites, or criminally evil.

    They want to live in a fantasy world where there is no strife or poverty or weapons or dissent, which often informs their irrationally unworkable ideologies. I just had a debate with a gun control supporter and the other day, and, upon being told that all guns are bad and that they shouldn’t exist, I asked her how exactly she proposed to get rid of them all. She replied that she didn’t think it could be done, but it was just her ideology. Yeah, really useful ideology: believing in something you know is impossible.

    The Republican party has its equivalent, of course; every party has some wingnuts who seem crazy. Just don’t judge the party itself by its fanatics! This is something both sides do, and it drives me nuts. Don’t waste your time on the wackos! They’re slow-moving targets, sure, but there are plenty of people out there who can actually be convinced of what you’re saying (like me, for instance). That’s the way to bring unity to this country. I may not agree with John McCain’s stance on certain issues, but that shouldn’t preclude us from cooperating on the ones where we do see eye-to-eye — like the second amendment.

  11. Westchester County, adopted home of Bimbo-Eruption Bill and Hillary. The “Golden Apple”, home of the Scarsdale Diet. The Demagogic Party should redistribute wealth to the downtrodden by turning it back to the Lenape nation. Their homeland was stolen from them from evil, white men of European descent toting guns and smallpox-infected trade blankets, the equivalent of the CIA-spread HIV virus.

    Keep it up, Sebastian. It’s heartening to know you haven’t caved to the spiral of silence.

  12. He’s not a Montanan.
    All this could have easily been avoided if the Democrat Party simply abandoned their hate, the anti 2nd Amendment/anti-gun position. Instead they lying about it, astroturf the AHSA, and generally trying to cover up Obama’s voting record and his executive experience at the Joyce Foundation spending millions of dollars manufacturing negative legal “opinions” about the 2nd Amendment to undermine it.

  13. I have been posting under “It’s That Big Bad NRA Again” I think? Maybe I am as technologically challenged as McCain.

    I thought it would be appropriate to let you guys know since I put up an Obama sticker up on the lawn of our gun shop, business has not gone down in fact it may have gone up. I have same regulars that come in, but also some new faces (read Dems) who aren’t afraid to come in now.

    Just goes to show gun owners and supporters of the Second are not as monolithic as you might think. The Second Amendment is not just the purview of the right; it is a right shared by all the people. Bet you guys thought you were the only ones who love it.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  14. @David Young

    It is not that we think we are the only folks who love it. But this much is for sure, Obama does not love it, unless of course it is the Secret Service armed to protect his family. We know Obama and Biden are gun grabbing socialist, and as folks who wish to protect our rights we do choose not to support someone as a consumer if they give moeny to a gun grabber.

  15. David, it’s odd that Cooper lost his job over this yet your business is doing great, even getting more Democrats who apparently wouldn’t normally shop for a gun unless they knew they owners were Dems themselves. I’m not exactly buying your story, but it could be true.

    Here’s the sad part – you’re deluded if you think the current crop of Democrats support your business. I WISH I didn’t have to lean more towards Republicans because of the gun issue. If the Democrats would simply embrace the 2nd Amendment for what it is and stop trying to weaken it by imposing taxes and regulations (all “common sense” of course), then they’d find themselves not battling so much for their positions.

    The 2A isn’t a right vs. left, Dem vs Rep (neither of which I am), gay vs. straight, man vs. woman, or Hall vs. Oates kind of thing. But the vast majority of Democrats seem to want to put gun control as a major factor in their campaigns, and that’s simply not going to fly with most gun owners.

  16. Since David is having such a roaring success in his business endeavor, I feel compelled to recommend that he move here to California and double his income, since there are double the Obama voters!
    He might quickly discover however that indeed not many around here (Triple! the Obama voters!!) feel any of that Love for the 2nd Amendment he professes, and many more that would prefer no well regulated militia – except of course Obama’s Civilian Defense Corps – which is not the same thing at all…

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