More Groups Calling for Gun Bans because of Mexico

Add three more groups, in addition to the Brady Campaign, to those on the left calling for more gun control in the name of saving Mexico from its own drug cartels even though ATF says we don’t need it and Democrats in the House have made it clear that no gun control will come out of Congress. Here are quotes from various left-wing groups on the upcoming trips to Mexico by several Cabinet officials and the President:

“They are putting a lot of the cabinet on this, including the president himself,” Andrew Selee, director of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center, told AFP. …

“They see this as an actual shared responsibility, that we have to actually do something about consumption, the money and the guns on our side of the border,” Selee said.

“I think that is a change in focus, actually.”

Vanda Felbab-Brown, a counter-narcotics expert at the Brookings Institution, said it could take years before the administration reaps benefits from its new approach to blunt consumer demand, which she calls the “crux of the problem.”

In the meantime, she expects Clinton and others to cooperate more on choking off the flow of weapons from thousands of weapons stores on the US side of the border, even if she doubts how effective it can be.

“There are many other sources apart from the US, from which the cartels or the trafficking organizations could acquire weapons,” Felbab-Brown told AFP.

“But I think diplomatically it’s very important that the US makes an effort to show to the Mexican authorities as well as to the Mexican public that we share responsibility,” she said.

“Just like we share responsibility for demand, we are aware that we are the source of weapons and we take efforts against them,” she added. …

Christopher Sabatini, a top analyst at the Americas Society and Council of the America, urged the administration to challenge the National Rifle Association gun lobby over the weapons supply stores.

They should “go to the mat on it with the NRA,” he said.

Just because the math seems to be in our favor for the moment, it is clear that anti-gun groups – regardless of their primary mission – are trying to put extreme pressure on Obama to burn up his political capital on gun control, with their favorite being another semi-auto rifle ban.  In 2010, we have to make sure that Congress is even more pro-gun so that Obama knows he cannot afford to pick that fight no matter how many how many groups in his base are begging for it.

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  1. I’d like to know what gun shops along the border they’re talking about.

    Granted, my travel in AZ was limited, and I didn’t see any *gun shops*, but I did see manyy shopkeep’s selling Black Powder firearms, and antique Rifles and Shotguns, which equates into not needing an FFL.

    So my theory is that people are going into some random antique shop, looking at lamps, and noticing some black powder muzzleloaders and thinking that this shop is supplying grenades and machine guns to Mexico Drug Lords

  2. “They see this as an actual shared responsibility, that we have to actually do something about consumption, the money and the guns on our side of the border,” Selee said.

    For years and years the American public has been screaming for Mexico to do something with its border. Now beyond the point with the weapons and whatever bullshit they are trying to pull; it is the height of hypocrisy for them to now start bitching and wailing about the flow of anything across the border when they fought us for years to keep that border open and keep our money flowing into their country. So when they are defecating their people and problems on our side of the border it’s not a problem, now that their corruption has come home to roost it is? PUHHLEEESE!

    This whole thing is not just a fraud because of the gun issue, but because Mexico has been haven of corruption and vice for over a century. That corruption is evident from any conversations with them on this issue. The best thing that they could probably do now is wrap themselves in their flag and jump off a castle wall.

  3. I like this quote from above:

    “There are many other sources apart from the US, from which the cartels or the trafficking organizations could acquire weapons,” Felbab-Brown told AFP.

    So, despite even the left-of-center Brookings Institution’s acknowledgment of “other sources” for the firepower which is being obtained by the Mexican drug cartels, so much so that these drug cartels have even become a de facto insurgent militia of sorts within Mexico, the Brookings Institution and other members of the blame-America-first crowd still want new “feel good” gun laws in this country which will only serve to curtail our Second Amendment rights.

    Are there any think tanks in Mexico which are part of the blame-Mexico-first crowd? If so, perhaps people from such an establishment could just openly declare that Mexico needs to stop being so corrupt, that is, if Mexicans really want that country’s internal problems to diminish. If not, perhaps it’s high time to set up a think tank such as this.

  4. Still this gun thing makes little since to me. Which would you want to buy if you were a terrorist or drug lord and had plenty of cash? I would want to buy a full scale automatic weapon. The type that went through Vietnam at Tet type of weapon. We cannot get this type of weapon period. These people are just going beyond the rules, Constitution to get what they want. This is the perspective of the group that sponsored “Change”. I did not vote for “Change” either.

    One question that I have — do we pay money to the Brookings Institute or other policy group? Seems that we could attack that funding. These people are spreading more crap than my manure spreader.

  5. Perhaps since the NRA Convention is in Phoenix, they could feature some of these dealers on the floor. You know, show us the rockets and grenades and all the full auto stuff that you can apparently buy in Arizona. Maybe they could even have shuttle buses to some of these dealers so we could all bring home souvenir grenades. We could even pay twice as much as what the Mexican drug lords pay so it is worth-while to the dealers.

  6. I’m calling BS on this issue. All of these Anti-gunners are simply on the payroll of the drug cartels. They want to outlaw something else they know will sell well in the US, and they see the huge profit potential, so their bribing as many Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents as they need to in an effort to make this very lucrative business opportunity a reality.

    The shooting industry makes billions of dollars a year, can you imagine if it was entirely controlled by the drug cartels? If there was no real laws or limitation on the types of weapons you could own (since everything is verboten) the only law would be supply and demand. Just like drugs! OF COURSE they want to outlaw the guns, they want to control the market!

  7. It just occurred to me – someone on the anti-gun side must have watched “The Wild Bunch” and thought it was history (or maybe current events) instead of fiction.

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