Anti-Gun Groups Petitioning German Parliament

Apparently Germany’s strict gun laws are not enough:

The “Keine Mordwaffen als Sportwaffen” campaign is using Great Britain as the example of how it believes the German government should act. Following a shooting spree in the Scottish town of Dunblane in 1996, the British government banned the private ownership of all handguns, and confiscated thousands of weapons in exchange for financial compensation. The move was also the result of a massive popular campaign that collected over a million signatures, despite heavy criticism from gun lobbies and sports clubs.

Because that worked oh so well didn’t it? The nutjob still got a gun. BTW, “Keine Mordwaffen als Sportwaffen” means “No Murder Weapons as Sporting Weapons.” Since you can use any firearm as a murder weapon, that pretty much tells you what their agenda is, doesn’t it? What’s next? “Keine Mordmesser als Kuchenmesser?”