Tonight it’s My Turn

Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you.  Last night it was the Brady’s turn.  Tonight it’s mine:

Tequila National Park

I consider this a minor setback. We will win on this eventually. But for tonight, Montezuma.

UPDATE: Holy crap.  I forgot what nasty shit this was.

11 thoughts on “Tonight it’s My Turn”

  1. If the BC is spending its limited resources on crap like this, rack it up as a win for us.

    They will fail, we will win.

  2. Exactly how does this “judge” have any say in an executive order? If Obama were repealing the order she might have a right to back him up, but on what law is she basing the idea that both Bush and Obama MUST live by the previous executive order?

  3. This isn’t about an executive order. This is rulemaking, which is a different animal. I blogged about the case previously here, which outlines their claims.

  4. Good Lord man, Montezuma?!? That’s nothing more than gun de-greaser. Please try something palatable next time, Siete Leguas or Partida or Espolon – but NOT Montezuma (or Cuervo Gold)!

  5. Montezuma? Your not supposed to drink it, you make ethanol with it. And don’t use it as a gun degreaser, it’ll eat the finish.

  6. It was difficult even drinking the one shot I poured for the picture. I can’t imagine drowning my sorrows in that crap. The sad thing is, I drank nastier shit in college than that. I’d hate to taste that nastier shit today. I guess once you get out of college, and can afford good booze, it’s hard to go back to the cheap lighter fluid of youth.

  7. There’s a lot not to like about it. The screen was turned up too bright and it caused everything else to underexpose.

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