Not What Women Need

The former opponent of NRA-endorsed Congressmen Charlie Dent has been tapped to help women run for office. Even though we are not volunteers in that district, we did reach out to Dent’s campaign for signs and other materials when we did events on the northern edge of Bucks County since they would regularly draw some of his constituents. When I did a bit of research on the race to see what his competition looked like, it wasn’t hard to make the decision which one would be less of an embarrassment.


Yes, came from out of no where.  Or maybe another planet.  We’re not sure yet.  (To see the full speech described as a “meltdown,” click here.)  It gets better.  During the Congressional campaign, she lied about local banks folding, and the media was so concerned that her statements would end up costing shareholders and customers money – in addition to doing harm to two local employers – that they actually censored the debate and covered her mouth when she said the names.


So in addition to just being weird, her understanding of “business” (something the group tapped her for, according to their statement) could have cost her neighbors their jobs and savings.

There’s not much out there on her, but she seems to run for office and lose.  She lost in a district that leans Democratic in both voting history and registered voters in an overwhelmingly Democratic year.  So the Women’s Campaign Forum decided she was just the kind of leader they wanted to help them achieve their goals – getting more pro-choice women elected to office.  Something doesn’t quite fit here.

Of course, though they claim to be non-partisan, given that their website is managed by Blue State Digital and they donated 97% of their funds in 2008 to Democrats, I guess we should be thankful they are bringing in a leader who doesn’t know how to win a campaign.

One Response to “Not What Women Need”

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    It’s the old try again, harder – and with a bigger dumbass. But as a war of attrition if they have the Money they can keep running her until she comes up against someone even screwier than she is and she might eventually win on the fatigue factor alone. That’s pretty much how they Lynn Woolsey and many of the other California Democrat contingent got to DC. Huge Union Money and gerrymandered districts allow it.