Corzine Introduces Budget

This budget is going to cause some issues for the legislature.  This is good for us because it means the New Jersey Legislature will be too busy to want to spend time and resources on one-gun-a-month.  The budget has to be in by June, so there’s not much time.

4 thoughts on “Corzine Introduces Budget”

  1. I was thinking along those lines this morning, but Corzine, in his great wisdom, would probably stress the need for *One Gun a Month*, since this way, he would deflect voters and critics from the Budget issue, and try and show himself as actually doing something.

  2. It’s Corzine’s attempt to get re-elected. I bet he’s confident the legislature will disregard it and continue the tax and spend orgy.

  3. I wish there could be a “One Corzine term a lifetime” law in New Jersey.

  4. Unfortunately for us my experience in NJ is that whenever there is no money for any liberal programs, the Democrats will turn to one of the few things they can accomplish that costs no money — gun control. Anyone remember the economic downturn of 1989 that gave us Jim Florio (who once was A rated by the NRA). Florio responded to economic bad news and budget shortfalls with spending cuts and a massive tax increase. To keep his Democratic followers happy Florio also gave us our semi-auto ban.

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