Credit Crunch

Not what I expected to get in my Inbox:

Because you are one of our loyal customers, we wanted to give your Citi® Card even more value. So reward yourself with the spending power and flexibility that comes with a higher line of credit.

You’ve earned it. Now enjoy it.

Isn’t this how you guys got us all into trouble in the first place?

4 thoughts on “Credit Crunch”

  1. It was not the credit card company that made me buy all that stuff that I still have not paid off. Credit where it is due, so to speak.

  2. Have you bought any firearms on your card?

    Maybe they know you’ve bought guns on credit card. And they’re more aware than most that such items will likely skyrocket in value.

    So they look at you as a good investment if you default, because they can claim the guns you bought at $500-$1,000 that will then be worth $5,000-$10,000.


  3. Heh… not on that card. I don’t carry any credit card debt, except I’m leveraged on a month to month basis as I put everything on my cards, then collect the cashback bonuses. You pay for that shit whether you use cash or not, so you might as well reclaim some of it. But at the end of the month everything gets paid off.

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