Are Conservatives a Minority

Kim asks the question, Ahab has his answer.  Here’s mine:

I think overall, the country is more conservative than progressive.  But however any one of us defines conservatism, yes, we probably are a minority.  Don’t fear, because here’s the catch: everyone’s political views are a minority political view.

Gun owners are minority in this country, and gun owners who care strongly about gun rights are an even smaller minority.  Gun owners who care about gun rights enough to get as involved as many of us are, are a very small minority.  But you know what?  That’s the case of any special interest.   That’s why we form into associations, coalitions, and political parties in order to advance our causes, and why so often the compromises and vying interests along the political path often produce results and candidates that are less than we would desire.

2 thoughts on “Are Conservatives a Minority”

  1. I think that your response is spot on. While the NRA does a decent job of championing the larger issues politically, I don’t think they are very effective socially.

    People without any real position on 2A issues tend to default to being anti-gun because of the disinformation of the anti-gun groups. The VPC and their ilk have effectively painted a picture of the NRA as a drunken, armed, rednecks.

    Because of the associated stigma, many people don’t want to communicate (at least openly) about their decision to own firearms.

  2. The big obstacle NRA faces is a media culture that’s actively hostile to firearms and people who use them for sport and self-protection.

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