Join Us for Some Tea?

Will you be joining the tea party protests on and around April 15?

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Like it or not, we’re stuck with the federal government we’ve got until January 2011.  We’ve got a chance to shake things up in November 2010, but that’s still well over a year away.  Until we can show our displeasure via the ballot box, these tea party protests are the best way to keep pressure on Congress to at least question “the One.”  His numbers are dropping and he’s now no better off than Bush was at this point in his term.  Democrats are beginning to stand up on individual issues and tell the White House, “No.”  It’s our job over the next year and a half to tell them – and members of the GOP who keep embracing big government – that it is time to stop and we’re pissed.  Will they stop?  Probably not.  Will they slow it down?  Possibly.  Will every report of a protests in their homestate make them more nervous?  Absolutely.

Check out the map and find your local tea party.  You need to go.  The local media has stopped ignoring these protests and now covers them regularly.  Some organizers are finally taking next steps like gathering donations to pay for flyers to be sent to voters about what’s going on, or gathering email addresses for further protest notices.  Get involved.  Make them squirm in Washington.

There are several in the Philadelphia region, including one at Independence Hall, as well as West Chester and Trenton.  Make the time to attend – we will.

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