Folding Submachine Gun

I thought MagPul’s folding subgun design was an original idea when they introduced the concept at SHOT 2008.  But it turns out the idea has been around for a while.  This video demonstrates an earlier folding subgun design.  Old enough there are a few transferrable ones out there.  I can’t imagine they are cheap, though:

11 thoughts on “Folding Submachine Gun”

  1. The videos giving me trouble right now for some reason, but there was a folding gun like the magpul in robocop. I’ve got the patent sitting around here somewhere.

  2. that is just dead sexy. As for the mag pul one I would be happy with one that’t semi auto.

  3. Tom and illspirit:

    I think you both are referring to a firearm depicted in the 1990 movie sequel RoboCop 2, actually. There is a scene from that movie in which the preteen drug pusher boy reveals that his portable boom box unfolds like one of those “Transformer” cartoon robots to become a mini submachine gun.

    When I first saw this “transformer SMG”, I thought it was simply just Hollywood fantasy, but now I’d have to watch this scene again to see if it really was the same thing as the Ares FMG as shown on the web page link provided by illspirit, or the UC submachine as shown in the video above.

  4. You know…. there’ve been smaller submachine guns than that in the past. The Sten Gun comes to mind.

  5. Mr Francis Warin designed a folding submachinegun that pre-dates all of the ones mentioned. He was working for Ares with Eugene Stoner, inventor of the M16. It is slimmer and more handy but it was not considered a viable gun for producition and ony two examples were made.

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