Remember the Alamo

Why does Mexico want to ban Americans from having guns today?  No doubt they remember what happens when you let a bunch gringos settle part of your country, bring their rifles with them, and then try to impose corrupt government upon them.  Blackfork has a multi-day feature running of “Remember the Alamo”:

  1. Day One
  2. Day Two
  3. Day Three

Keep reading throughout the week.  He’s doing a post for every day of the siege.

One thought on “Remember the Alamo”

  1. Of course, the irony is that silencers and short-barrelled rifles (or pistols with stocks, if you prefer) as shown in the news article you linked ain’t exactly available at Wal-Mart. And doesn’t that HK in the front look particularly shiny about where the serial number used to be?

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