Obama Seems to Forget Quickly

It has apparently been lost on President Obama that Nevada may have gone blue for him, but it is not consistently a blue state.  Perhaps he forgot that fact right before he tried to trash the state’s tourism industry.

Sin City’s mayor wants President Barack Obama to apologize for saying companies shouldn’t visit Las Vegas on the taxpayer’s dime.

Oscar Goodman spoke after a regular scheduled meeting with tourism officials where he expressed concern that federal lawmakers might be discouraging travel to the city.

Don’t say that offhand remarks can’t have consequences:

Late Monday, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said it had moved a three-day conference from the Las Vegas Strip to San Francisco amid what the bank called a broad review of its activities. Goldman Sachs has accepted $10 billion in federal bailout funds.

Vegas is one of the cheapest cities that companies could travel to when they need to cut event costs.  Instead, now choosing meeting cities is a matter of politics instead of smart money management.  (Consider where Goldman Sachs moved their meeting to after the remarks.)

7 thoughts on “Obama Seems to Forget Quickly”

  1. I call it the Vegas paradox.

    In a falling economy, where every dime counts I’m under orders to do more with less. Part of that means address more issues and hold more meetings while spending less total on my annual meeting budget.

    My solution: its easy. Vegas is the place to be (surprisingly, Miami is also pretty affordable). Instead, I’m told no, you can’t go to Vegas. The optics are terrible (never mind the 50% reduction on the only optic that counts: the bottom line).

  2. If the Republicans in Nevada are smart, they will use BHO’s off-hand remark to rid us of the Gray Man, Harry Reid.

  3. Geez……….watching Obama govern is like a watching a retard put back together a 1911. A long, sad experience!

  4. J Richardson, I wouldn’t be shocked if they are already doing that. I saw somewhere today that Reid was on the Senate floor defending Vegas.

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