Sensible Gun Laws

Howard Nemerov debunks the Brady Campaign yet again:

Results from this survey were collated with Brady’s 2001 grades. After sorting by gun ownership levels, states were divided roughly into quartiles: under 30% gun ownership rates (12 states); 30-40% (14 states); 40-50% (15 states); and over 50% ownership rates (10 states). There is a clear correlation between low levels of gun ownership and higher Brady grades: Only the first quartile of states, incidentally with the lowest levels of gun ownership (average 16.5%), were rated well by Brady, averaging a grade of B+. Quartiles 2-4 had average grades of D+, D+, and D-, respectively. This indicates that Brady’s definition of “sensible” gun laws equates with laws which restrict or prohibit gun ownership.

Well, I guess they are indeed the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership.  I do believe that these regulations, especially those like Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey serve to discourage gun ownership.  But I also wonder whether these state have historically lower rates of gun ownership that makes gun control more politically feasible.  I suspect a combination of both.

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