Is This the GOP I Remember?

The Republicans have taken the first in a long series of steps that will need to be taken to distance themselves from the Bush legacy.  The stimulus package passed without a single Republican vote.  Eleven Democrats bucked Pelosi and Obama to vote against this, and they deserve our appreciation too.  Those Democrats were, Allen Boyd (FL-2), Bobby Bright (AL-2), Jim Cooper (TN-5), Brad Ellsworth (IN-9), Parker Griffith (AL-5), Paul Kanjorski (PA-11), Frank Kratovil (MD-1), Walt Minnick (ID-1), Collin Peterson (MN-7), Heath Shuler (NC-11), and Gene Taylor (MS-4).  I’m happy that I had the opportunity of helping Paul Kanjorski at a few guns shows near his district in my role as NRA-EVC.  Glad to see he’s with me on other issues too.

There’s several freshman Democrats in here, and it’s pretty bold to stand up to your party’s Speaker and its President.  But given that there are a few freshmen in here, I think it’s likely once Pelosi had the votes she needed for passage, she might have told freshman in conservative districts they could vote ‘no’ on this if they felt they had to.  One lone freshman I could believe was principle.  Three is probably a back room nod from Pelosi to vote no.

9 thoughts on “Is This the GOP I Remember?”

  1. Well slap me around and call me Susie! You mean the Republicans are acting like Republicans? You mean they are actually going back to the true conservative, republican roots? It is about damn time. If they keep that up I might not have to vote third party in the next election.

  2. While this is good news, we have bad news to (unfortunately) balance it out.
    Arlen Spector has shown his colors, and they aren’t ours.
    Cheese-eating surrender monkey indeed.
    Senator Spector has just blatantly announced he is an enemy of the Republican Underground, the Republican party and his constituents who voted him into office.
    We now need to find a replacement for him come next election.
    Someone who will stand up instead of standing by.
    I will be voting against him next election no matter what. I just hope we can come up with a decent, CONSERVATIVE, replacement somewhere in the Republican base. Even if there is no one to replace him I will be voting against him. NO MATTER WHAT.
    I thought he may have shed his worse RINO tendencies, but he has not and now he will be the first to fall to the Night of the Long Knives as we conservatives, we New Republicans, attempt to take back the party and cut out the cancer that is the RINO.

  3. One small nit, Brad Ellsworth is IN-8. Baron Hill represents IN-9, my district. He says he is conservative but he doesn’t vote like it.

  4. Minnick (ID-1) is my representative, and he’s not at all conservative–but his district is. Unfortunately, the Republican he defeated was a conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, evangelical, and that doesn’t fly so well in Idaho anymore.

  5. Good job on the part of Republicans for opposing this sham. This is how politics is supposed to be played. When Barry and his toadies are left twisting in the breeze when they fail, the GOP can come in and sweep them out.

    I have no sympathy for political weakness- the GOP have showed some spine and threw the feces back in Obama’s face. This is how politics is done and those who are successful do so by neutralizing their enemies.

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