Common Sense in York

This editorial understands the problems with the Lost and Stolen initiatives happening around the state.  York is the latest city to consider an ordinance.

One Response to “Common Sense in York”

  1. teqjack says:


    “That said, people who exercise their right to bear arms also bear a moral responsibility to keep them safely away from others. They should be stored unloaded and locked in safes, not under the bed or in a cookie jar where kids or others can easily get hold of them. Loaded, unsecured weapons in the house are far more likely to be instruments of tragic accidents than self-defense.”

    Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Like using those plastic caps to cover electrical outlets: a good idea if there is an inquisitive under-five (by five, should be trained) or equivalent (mental disorder), possibly some types of pet, but not to the extent of requiring a law enforceable without justification.